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Artist On The Rise Yung Bank


What is your name and where are you from? Yung: Yung Bank lol nah my real name is James and I’m from Georgia

What age did you start to take Rap serious? Yung: At the age of 7, it was funny cause me and my brothers would have these little cyphers for fun and they would crush me, until one summer when I came back, at the age of 10 it was a cash money beat we were rhyming over it, and it happened my flow evolved.

 Who gave you the name “Yung Bank” Yung: Well originally my rap name was yung cutta because of my lyrics about the ladies but that was a long time ago haha. Then in 2008 I came hard with the name of yellaboifresh, one word haha, but as always too many others with that name. Then in summer of 2009 it happened I took up the name Yung Bank after beginning working on my first unfinished mixtape “The Originals”. So many people always thought I had money cause I tried to dress nice and they would say I was rich so after taking it into consideration I became Yung Bank.

What challenges do you face being a Rap artist? Yung: Well for the most part my biggest challenge was trying to get my music to that industry quality it has been a long hard journey and glad to say that’s over. My other would be so many people that say they will do something for you with your music and there just playing with you, it kills me especially when you see so many people that don’t have the same ambition or motivation as a lot of us do.

Do you have a mainstream artist that you look up too? Yung: Of course being from GA. I always looked up to T.I. I mean as far jocking anybody nah lol but they call me his protégé so what can I say.

 How do you feel about today’s Rap/Hip-Hop scene ? Yung: My opinion is s/o to all the artist doing they thing, cause I’m not a hater, but at the same time hip hop isn’t really what it use to be like don’t get me wrong we need club songs and hood songs, but do everybody sell drugs? Or have 30 girls they smashing, but again that’s my opinion.


 Are you currently working on any new material? Yung: Yes on Aug.5th I’ll be re-releasing my two mixtapes “Look at The World The Way I Do” , and “Announcement” , and releasing the third to my story theme “The Critic” on my website and a host of other websites.

Do you remember your first performance? How was that experience? Yung: First performance in Atlanta at a house party, and it was nerve wrecking haha till I started to rap then I came alive, but what can I say we all get better over time.

 Do you have any upcoming events? Yung: I have about four shows in Cali coming up and I’m sure they will be blast over the internet for the next two weeks, and then Aug.27th I will be opening for Diggy Simmons at Club Palace in Brooklyn, Ny.

 Where do you see yourself a year from now? Yung: Respected and still humble cause you can have it all in one day and then lose it the next, so really just making the right decisions and releasing my first album.

  What makes you different from other rappers in your eyes? Yung: One word skills, I mean when you hear my music I tell stories that I’ve either went through or have seen someone else go through that everyone can relate to.

What do you want to accomplish in 2011? Shooting my first video and do bigger and better things, but most of all stay positive.



S/O to my interviewer, to SHYNE ENT. , Mr. Five90, Mr.95,Trialz, Deus, and my big brother Polo.


 TWITTER, @TheRealYungBank

 FACEBOOK, just type in Yung Bank


Hit us up @ 678-552-3542 for booking

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